Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Delish! Easy Toddler Meals

So my daughter (11 months old today!) has decided that she no longer wants anything to do with formula or bottles. That's right - she weaned herself. I had to call the pediatrician to ask if she could start drinking milk early - she can. She's also decided that she really prefers to feed herself and baby food is hard to pick up with your fingers. Although she has tried.

So the question is...what finger foods do you feed a(n almost) one year old with 2.5 teeth? I have to admit, she's been eating an awful lot of Gerber Graduate Puffs lately but I don't want her eating crap all the time. What to do.....

Searching online for a lunchbox for her I found the coolest website. This single mama packs a lunch for her 18-month-old four days a week and takes a picture of it and then just describes it. And this baby is eating good! Her lunches are so simple, yet sophisticated. No Gerber puffs. No frosted cheerios. Just real food. See how she does it here.

I'm inspired. And you just may catch some pictures of L's food coming your way!


  1. My friend turned me on to this photo blog as well! It's such an inspiration.

    I'm curious, did you find a lunchbox for your daughter? I'm looking for a PVC-free one, but but I'm finding it difficult to choose one online. Do you have one that you like?

  2. She got one for her birthday from Dante Beatrix but I'll need to do some research to see how eco-friendly it is!