Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What the crap is elimination communication? (pun intended)

Some parents use disposable diapers. Some parents use cloth diapers. Some parents use no diapers. SAY WHAT? No, seriously.

Elimination Communication, or EC for short, is also known as Infant Potty Training and Natural Infant Hygiene. Elimination Communication is a practice where parents use timing, signals, cues, and intuition to address an infant's need to potty. EC is widely practiced in less industrialized countries where parents have little or no other choice. The Parents who practice EC rave about all of the benefits, such as reduced skin irritation and money saved (because you don't have to buy diapers.)

So what do you think? Comments?

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  1. We do it - we love it! Guess what? Parents use diapers as backup as they discover how to understand and work with their baby - it works great this way - saving waste and washing, no misses and messes that you wouldn't have had just diapering full time.

    No pooey diaper and baby for me to clean this morning - my 11 month old pulled off the boob, squirmed, frowned, looked at the potty and then I popped him on it and he did his poop for the day. A wipe with toilet tissue, pour it all down the loo - and done.

    That's a great benefit of EC, right there!

    Here's an article at The Green Parent:


    P.S. The diapers you buy or wash gradually decrease as your confidence grows and your baby's skills naturally improve. It's great fun, and quite addictive - like cloth diapers!