Monday, May 18, 2009

Is traveling with a baby REALLY a vacation?

If everyday with an infant is a challenge, then a vacation is the olympics.

I survived my first trip with L. Turns out, it's not that different as long as you do a little planning. I'm including my packing list for new mothers. Hit print and get to packing, it's vacation season!

*Sidenote - Although this does look like my precious L, it's not her. I have not uploaded our photos yet!*

Baby's First Vacation

  • 3- 4 bottles
  • dish soap - to wash the bottles
  • bottle brush - see above
  • 2 cans formula
  • cereal - it's a good idea to carry a little cereal in a container in your diaper bag. You can use it to thicken existing baby food or mix with apple juice to make baby food in a pinch.
  • nursery water
  • baby food - organic, of course. Consider buying the glass containers if your baby likes it warm. Plastic baby food containers can leach BPA and are not always microwave-safe.
  • disposable baby spoons - I usually reuse these, but they get tossed on vacay.
  • baby medicine bag -teething, tylenol, gas because you never know when trouble will hit. My pediatrician even recommends the generic brands of these because they have the same active ingredients and cost less.
  • diapers
  • swim diapers
  • baby lotion
  • baby wash towelettes - Another vacay exception. Buy these little wipes and skip worrying about leaky bottles.
  • diaper cream - (warm weather + sand) = irritated heinies
  • baby powder - the pure cornstarch variety is the only acceptable kind - check your label. Talc can be harmful if ingested, but 100% pure cornstarch works magic on diaper rash.
  • snacks -yogurt melts and apple puffs work wonders at calming fussy kids when they are tired or bored.
  • bathing suits and sun hats with SPF - check the labels.
  • long sleeve shirt or jacket - inevitably it will rain.
  • long pants - see above
  • shoes
  • sunscreen towellettes - Another vacation lifesaver. L and I shared one of these each day and neither one of us turned pink. Remember to apply in the room before you go out, so that it has time to soak in. Can you tell I'm a Mom?
  • outfits for each day plus 1 - She's not going to wear 3 outfits a day no matter how cute they are. Remember, it's your vacation ,too.
  • pajamas - warm pajamas are a must. It always seems cold in beach hotel rooms!
  • several pacifiers attached to clips - This was my strategy to avoid "Where's the paci?!?!" meltdowns, and it worked. I attached pacifiers to individual pacifier clips, then snapped the clips to an inside pocket on my diaper bag. Finding it in a pinch has never been so easy.
  • small toys - They will make it without the exersaucer. A few stuffed animals and a few noisy toys are all you need. Make sure the toys are easy accessible in the back seat when packing the car.
  • heavy-duty stroller - Your umbrella stroller is not going to make it against the sand dune. An upscale jogging stroller handles the beach, and the shopping, with ease.
  • diaper bag - Keep essentials handy at all times with this. It should be in reach of your seat during any trip in a car.
  • hand sanitizer - Grab a pack of Clean Well wipes. All-natural and can even be used on littles.
  • pack n play and sheet - Baby can sleep and play in this multi-tasker.
  • water wings + float - Don't chance it! No matter how many mother/baby water classes you've signed up for, he's not Michael Phelps.

Told you! It's a lot of stuff, but you'll be amazed at how smoothly your beach vacation will go as long as you keep these simple tips in mind. Have a good trip!

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