Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lil Green Weekend Recap

As I was thinking about all of the different eco-obsessions I have, I wondered- Am I actually DOING enough? What exactly do I do on a daily basis that is eco-friendly? It's worth taking a look because I'm a big believer that small changes add up. Here's my weekend recap:

- Pulled out and washed L's size 12 month hand-me-downs (Reduce & Reuse!)
- Made wholesome organic baby food (Organic produce = less pesticides used= cleaner soil AND baby food you make yourself reduces the amount of disposable plastic containers and jars of conventional baby food that end up in the trash)
- Played outside and went to the park ( Free and produced no waste)
- Used cloth diapers (One less diaper in the landfill)
- Wore old clothes (Ok - that's just my defination of old, but hey, I haven't bought anything new in a while. Part of the whole Reduce thing.)
- Used pre-owned items in L's nursery decor (Paper lanterns from a friend's wedding in the perfect color scheme)

That's about it. What did you do? Every little bit counts!

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