Monday, March 16, 2009

Lil Green Mama's Hits & Misses: Baby Gear

In honor of my preggo friends (currently there are 4!) today's post is going to be just a few things that have made my life easier for the past 7 months, and a couple of things that I could have done without. Get ready ladies!

  • 100% CORNSTARCH BABY POWDER - Not to be confused with regular baby powder, this version is great for clearing up diaper rash and does not include talc, which can be harmful when ingested.

  • ERGOBABY CARRIER - Made with organic fabric, this super-comfy carrier can be used from birth (with an insert) until age 5! I used the built-in sun/wind flap to hide the fact that I was breastfeeding!

  • GUS & MAX FITTED SHEET - The only way I could get my daughter to lay in her crib was with this comfy chenille sheet, I think she thought it was her favorite blanket.

  • MUSTELA BARRIER CREAM - This diaper cream smells delish, wipes off easily and clears up any redness right away. A little pricier than drugstore brands, but so worth it.

  • GERBER ORGANIC ONESIES - The Organic version is much softer and thicker, for only a few dollars more. Layered under daily clothes, these onesies form a barrier that helps regulate temperature and keep skin dry from drool and spit-up.

  • LUVS DIAPERS - These diapers are among the cheapest and they don't look fancy, but they work. And they have a money-back guarantee.

  • FISHER PRICE CRADLE N' SWING - A godsend! The back and forth motion combined with the cushy padded seat will lull them to sleep every time. Worth every penny.

  • DR. BROWNS BOTTLES - These bottles are good for controlling gas, but there are too many parts that are hard and time-consuming to clean. With all the options out there, don't waste your time with these.

  • DESITIN - I got tubes and tubes of this at showers. As far as I can tell, it does absolutely nothing, smells bad, and is hard to wipe off. As with the bottles, there are lots of options, so don't waste your time on this.

  • GERBER HOODED BATH TOWELS - These are so thin, they don't absorb at all, and L gets cold before I can put her jammies on.
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