Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barter for babies!

A few days ago I wrote a post about how we got everything for my daughter secondhand (crib, clothes, uh, breast pump). I was lucky enough to have GREAT family and friends with kiddos just a little older than my own bundle who donated almost everything, barely used, just to get it out of the house, help me out, or both. If you're the first of your buds to join the parental bandwagon you might want to check out the latest economic craze, bartering. Yep, just like the good ole days, people are swapping something they need for something they don't. There are a few websites that are really popular, or you can use social networking sites like twitter, facebook, and myspace to post what you are looking for.

Swaptree - Trade books, music, dvds, or video games. Signing up takes 8 seconds. Best part, when you're done with the book(music, dvd, or video game) trade it in for something different! Over 48,000 options!

Friendly Favor - You sign up for this site and simply ask for what you need; support, items, donations, help, anything.

Craigslist - The classic standby. Tons of categories organized by city. Most item descriptions have a picture. You can get used furniture, clothes, look for jobs, computers, anything on this site.

Toyswap - Swap, sell, or buy pre-owned toys. You do need to have a Paypal account.

Toys to Trade - Clean out clutter with toys your kids have outgrown on this organized swapping site. They have separate search engines for natural and organic toys.

Swaptoys - Buy, swap, or sell toys.

Or get your mommy friends together and set up your own toy swap meet!

Try it. See what happens!

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