Friday, March 6, 2009

Alternative birthday presents: do or dont?

It's birthday season! One of the big trends I've noticed is the 'No Gifts Please' that is casually added to most invitations we receive. Not only does this immediately evoke feelings that, collectively, our children are being spoiled rotten to the point that they miss out on the simple joy of opening birthday gifts, but also, fear of being the odd man out, the only person who actually shows up sans gift. Quite the conundrum, I think. We've been brainstorming alternatives to 'No Gifts Please' and come up with a few better options.

  • Ask each guest to bring a book that will then be donated to the local library in your child's name.

  • Have a gift exchange! Each guest brings a gift under $5 and then you draw numbers and each child goes home with a small new toy.

  • Ask for gifts or canned foods that can be donated to the local shelter.

  • Gift cards to a favorite store are a great option for the receiver or the giver.
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    1. I did something like one of your ideas for my son's fourth birthday. A book exchange! I asked that every family bring one wrapped book, and we all traded. Every child got a book, and Ethan got to open something. Also, I did not buy cheap plastic trinkets, since the party favor was kind of covered by a brand new book :)