Thursday, February 26, 2009

Throw a green baby shower!

The next time you throw a baby shower, make it green!

1. Invitations- Go paperless! Sites like evites offer thousands of adorable templates or you can design you own. Another idea is to use recycled invitations or plantable paper invitations. You could even get a pretty pack of pea seeds with the details of the party written on it. It's really cute to use a "little seed", "pea in a pod", or "something's growing" theme.

2. Give green gifts - Limit plastic toys. Buy organic baby clothing for the mom-to-be. If you make a diaper cake, use chlorine-free diapers. Who knows, your green gift may just be the nudge she needs.

3. Use reusable giftwrap - Wrap your gift in a colorful reusable tote bag, baby blanket, or cloth diaper. Cloth diapers can be used for diapering, burp cloths, cleaning pads, etc., and you can never have too many!

4. Decorations- Decorate with fresh locally grown flowers and baby items that will be given to the new Mom when the shower is over. String twine along a wall and clothespin organic cotton onesies. Place bottles and bowls on the table with candy in them. Place votive candles in clean baby food jars.

5. Games- Buy containers of stage 1 organic baby food and remove the labels. Make sure to number the jars and list the fruit or vegetable on a sheet of paper. Pass around the jars and let guests guess what is in the jar. Whoever gets the most correct wins! And Mom-to-be gets to take home the jars to use with her little bundle.

6. Use real silverware, glasses, china, and cloth napkins. Come on, what are you saving it for anyway?

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