Monday, December 31, 2012

My Big Secret...... I Won't Remember Your Birthday

I've decided to tell you my big secret, the thing that makes me hang my head in shame and feel like I don't have it all together. So here it is: I cannot remember anyone's birthdays and I never get cards in the mail! My friends have pretty much come to terms with the fact and I don't think they hold it against me! I have a stack of unmailed birth announcement cards in the closet, and I have Christmas cards stuffed in the garage that never got sent. No one in my extended family has seen wedding pictures yet. I only remember people's birthdays if they remind me. It's a real problem. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found Paperless Post. Don't call these e-cards, they are like fancy, schmancy stationary that you can personalize and send out to loved ones. They make it super easy to import your contacts from any email provider you use and click, click you have updated all of your friends and your favorite Aunt can't say she never got a picture of your baby. Sorry Auntie! :) Look how pretty: Today Only! Click here to sign up for Paperless Post and you will have the chance to earn 15 stamps for FREE!! You get 25 stamps and 10 coins just for signing up, so you will have a total of 40 stamps and 10 coins TODAY! Join Paperless Post today and get those Easter Cards in the mail! (E-mail that is!)   Paperless Post Works For Me!

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