Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Organize Homemade Baby Food

freezerThis is a picture of my freezer. I am not proud. But - at one time there was a shelf that was completely orderly and organized with homemade baby food that I made for my daughter. She doesn't eat baby food anymore so that orderly shelf is long gone, but I wanted to at least TELL parents how I organized all of that homemade yummy goodness. I liked to make large batches of baby food on the weekends - enough to get me through the week - so that I wouldn't have to make it at night. After using my food processor I poured the soybeans/carrots/apples into my Fresh baby food trays and froze them overnight. The next morning I would pop them into individually labeled plastic bags and line them up in my freezer. Voila! Then when it was time to eat I could pull out exactly the right amount and not waste any! What system did/do you use? For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas visit We Are THAT Family.

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