Monday, December 31, 2012

How Do You Wash Your Babies Cloth Diapers?

Mention the word “cloth diaper” around anyone who uses disposables and you are bombarded with reactions ranging from curiosity to mild disgust. (This scenario also works the other way around – but that’s a different post!) “You actually touch and wash the…dirty ones?” The reality of using cloth diapers is that you are not really exposed to anything more than you would be while using disposable diapers. I won’t go into any more detail but you catch my drift. The trickiest part is figuring out how to wash them. I wash all of my Thirsties cloth diapers (fitteds, AIOs, inserts, and covers) together using Caldrea Sweet Pea laundry detergent. First I dump any solids into the toilet immediately and then store the cloth diapers in a metal bucket in my laundry room. About every 2 days, I throw them all in the washing machine and run a cold rinse first with no detergent. Then I add detergent and run a hot wash, then another cold rinse. Whenever my diapers start to smell a little funky I wash them with Calgon water softener because I have well water and the mineral deposits build-up just a little bit. The best part of fluffy laundry? No folding!
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