Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tip of the Week!

I'm starting a new tradition here at Lil Green Baby. Each Tuesday I'm going to write a post containing a fast and easy tip that has made my life just a teensy bit easier. Feel free to add your own tip in the comment section.

Every baby uses a pacifier, right? Pacifiers are wonderful, wonderful little pieces of plastic mixed with silicone or latex than have the ability to instantly soothe a fussy baby. The only problem is that if your baby is expecting a pacifier then you better have one. Right. That. Instant. (or else!) One day L was shrieking as I was tearing stuff out of the diaper bag left and right searching in vain for the beloved paci. I thought, there has got to be a better way.

A quick google search came up with a pacifier pod from Skip*Hop and I thought I had solved the problem. Truth is, it would have been more fun to watch that $8 burn than continue to use the darn paci pouch. If something so much as touched the little pod the snap button would come undone and I would have to balance my squirming daughter and my overflowing diaper bag on one hip while I bent down to pick up the pouch that was supposed to keep the pacifier nice and handy. Needless to say it only took a few tries at this balancing act before I chucked the pacifier pod.

Here's what really worked. Take one pacifier clip (you know, the ones made out of ribbon with a metal clip on one end and velcro on the other) and attach the "clip" part to the inside of your diaper bag. If your diaper bag has inside pockets (and what kind of diaper bag are you using if it doesn't?) then attach the clip there. Fasten the velcro around your favorite pacifier and tuck it in the pocket to keep it nice and clean. Promise it will be right where you left it!

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