Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lil Green Baby Food: Organic Mango and Organic Pear

This morning I used about 30 minutes and made enough fruit baby food for L for the whole week. I took one softball size organic mango, peeled the skin off with my fingers, and sliced pieces off around the core. Once I got most of the fruit off, I pulsed it in the mini food processor for a few seconds, then poured it into my brand new Freshbaby food storage trays. It made 12 1-ounce portions.

Next I took 2 large organic pears, removed the skin, and sliced the fruit off around the core. Pulsed in the mini food processor for a few seconds, then filled up Freshbaby tray #2. Two large pears = 12 1-ounce portions also.

After they freeze overnight, I'll pop 'em out and put them into individual baggies for storage. I can mix and match flavors because I'll just pull out what I need. Fruits tend to be a little watery after defrosting, so you can add some rice cereal or mix with a hearty vegetable (like carrot) to thicken up.

As I was preparing the baby food this morning, I realized that getting into this food prep routine now will make it easy for me to continue to prepare healthy snacks for L as she grows. Making my own baby food, I can control the contents and consistency, tailoring each batch to my daughter's developments and tastes. Pre-packaged baby food only comes in so many variations, my homemade version is full of limitless possibility. As she tries new things and grows, she'll be more open to trying new things and I'll be used to preparing healthy snacks for her.

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