Saturday, February 21, 2009

Homemade Baby Wipes

This is a great way to use the extra baby washcloths I got for showers. I plan on still using disposable wipes for traveling, but every little bit helps. This approach is guaranteed to save money, considering you use thousands of baby wipes for each baby. They can also be used to wipe off mouths and hands after baby food feedings. Here's what you need:

About a dozen baby wash cloths

An empty wipes container

Enough Witch Hazel to cover wipes

Lavender essential oil

Aloe vera gel (if you wish)

This is so easy! Simply put the washcloths in the empty wipe container, pour in the witch hazel, add a couple of drops of essential oil and aloe vera gel and let the wipes soak it up. Keep it by the changing table and use as needed. This is my favorite wipes mixture because some mixtures that use baby wash or shampoo can mildew and go bad before you use them. I got used to the witch hazel smell pretty quickly. After I use a wipe I just put it in the dirty laundry and wash with the daily baby load. And the best part is .... less waste for the environment! YAY!

Estimated total cost: $3.29 for witch hazel, Lavender essential oil $6.99, Aloe Vera Gel $5.26. You should be able to use this mixture for a very long time.

There are tons of 'recipes' for baby wipes. Try these if you don't like the witch hazel combination-

Mix 1 cup water with a tbsp of baby shampoo, a couple drops of lavender essential oil, and a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

Mix 1 cup of water with 1 tbsp baking soda.

In the end, YOU are the mom. Experiment with these ingredients and find the best solution for your baby! They can be combined almost endlessly, and some people even use baby oil in their homemade wipe solutions.

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